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I think about dissecting myself.
I would do it in front of a mirror so I could see everything like an experiment.
Slicing, opening.
Peeling back skin and cracking open ribs.
I shiver with imagined, phantom pain, but also fascination as my mind's eye pictures the sight.
My insides would be bared.
I could take them apart piece by piece.
I could put my palm against my beating heart.
Inside, it would all be the same as anyone else's
Like the cadavers I hope to dissect in medical school.
And then when I'm done, my body would lie still.
And that would be the same as anyone else's too.

I really did think about this when we were dissecting frogs. If it wouldn't kill me, I would totally dissect myself. If I was some weird genie thing and it would just heal up. I think it would be really cool to know your own body that way. Maybe I'm just morbid. Oh well.